Category: Career Check-In

Lia Huber

Speaker Spotlight: Verena Funke

Verena Funke’s career has so many plot twists it would make a terrific book. Her preferred title? “From in the Air to Down to Earth: My Journey From Flight Attendant to Managing Director.”

Divya Bhardwaj

Career Check-In: Divya Bhardwaj

Divya Bhardwaj | Supervisor, International Payroll in Gurgaon What does your typical work day look like? The beauty of working in a truly global & diverse environment – different time […]

Gregoire Laurent

Career Check-In: Grégoire Laurent

From Account Management in Munich to Analytics in Singapore: My reflections on four years at Expedia. Grégoire Laurent | Senior Business Analyst, Lodging Partner Services in Geneva What a journey […]

Fabio Carta

Career Check-In: Fabio Carta

Fabio Carta | Market Manager, Lodging Partner Services in London Has it ever happened to you when you’ve attended one of those university career fairs and you try to make […]

Sarah Sandiford

Career Check-In with Sarah Sandiford

Come join us as we adventure around the global offices and meet our team to discover more about their day-to-day roles, exciting projects, great teams and, of course, their […]